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A proprietary VoIP application used for creating and organizing communities.

See Discord website


An open-source discussion platform with a focus on constructive conversation.

See Discourse website

Doughnut Economics

A visual economic framework for sustainable development shaped like a doughnut.

See Wikipedia


An upgraded interface for Github, it provides a much more comprehensive suite of project management tools.

See ZenHub


A proprietary blog/newsletter hosting service used by many projects & individuals because of its great accessibility & ease of use.



The internet is seen in 3 eras. The first was the basic internet of files & news sharing. Right along with the existence of Paypal, there came to be a Web2 era - of online commerce & soon, of social media.

The problem with the Web2 era was that the internet got monopolized by huge centralized services farming humans for data & attention.

The promise of Web3 is the internet of decentralized peer-to-peer protocols, platforms & applications; tokenized & in the hands of their users.


Often mislabeled as "cryptocurrencies", tokens are digital assets secured by the blockchain. The reason they shouldn't be called "cryptocurrencies" is because they can represent pretty much anything imaginable - not just currencies.


NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a type of token. People often conflate NFTs with "digital art" which is just as wrong as labeling all tokens "cryptocurrencies" - because NFTs can represent pretty much anything, from art, to passports to actual physical houses.

See House of NFTs


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are entities whose bylaws are encoded in smart contracts so that all participants have assurance about the rules of the game. They allow diverse groups of people across the planet to manage resources and make decisions with minimal trust in one another.

See House of DAOs


Decentralized applications (dapps) are web applications powered by smart contracts. Instead of using centralized servers or databases, dapps rely on the blockchain as their backends for program logic and storage.


Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a financial ecosystem built upon smart contracts and peer-to-peer protocols (primarily Ethereum), enabling financial activities such as lending, derivatives, and trading without the authority of a centralized entity.


An Ethereum wallet available as both a web browser extension and mobile application used to interface with the blockchain and dapps.

Shill / Shilling

A shill is a person blatantly promoting a project. People promote projects for a plethora of reasons, from their personal bias coming from being bagholders, over true conviction, to being paid to do so. Beware of paid shills but also beware of any shills.


A person holding a specific token.

Ethereum & ETH

An open-source blockchain and community-built technology behind the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) and an active ecosystem of decentralized applications.

See Ethereum website

Ether (Eth) is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to pay transaction and computation fees on the network.

MetaGame Specific

Massive Online Coordination Games

Massive online coordination games are a mashup of all known digital platforms oriented towards solving specific societal problems.

Think Massive Online Role-Playing Games had a baby with Massive Open Online Courses. Then Social Media had a baby with a Freelancing Network. Then those babies had a baby - after they grew up, of course!

XP & SourceCred

XP is a unit by which contribution/progress is measured inside MetaGame, SourceCred is what does the measurement. It hooks up to all or most of the platform an organization uses for day-to-day operations & spits out numbers. These numbers are analyized & if needed, corrected by human judgement.

See XP & Seeds


Seeds are a token by which contributors are rewarded. It is a freely traded token that can currently be redeemed for a limited set of usecases which will massively expand over time.

See XP & Seeds or Usefulness of Seeds


Quests are units of work required inside MetaGame. They can be simple tasks or they can be tasks that turn into adventures that turn into multi-player raids.


Raids are basically groups of quests. They require multiple players of different skillsets & span across larger timeframes.


A guild is any group of people with a common interest or a goal; be it building a certain product, offering a certain service, or both. Good examples of Guilds would be Raid Guild & MetaCartel.

See Guilds of MetaGame


Patrons are people who are too busy to support MetaGame by building it. Instead, they are buying, planting & holding Seeds that Players produce.

See more here


A global family tied by ideas & ideals rather than blood-ties. A movement spanning across nations & borders, united by the goal of building MetaGame.

See MetaFam in the MetaManifesto.


Ranks are a way of distinguishing top contributors to MetaGame. They don't determine much in terms of roles but will allow for some bragging rights & perks. Top 56 Players of MetaGame are ranked in 5 leagues: Diamond, Platinum, Golden, Silver & Bronze.

See Become a Founder of MetaGame

The 300 of MetaGame

The 300 of MetaGame are the 150 Players & top 150 Patrons building the Seed Phase of MetaGame.

Champions Ring

Champions Ring is an accountability circle for people that are leading different raids & guilds inside MetaGame. There is nothing fancy about it, its just a higher stakes & higher responsibility environment.

Season & Phases

MetaGame is played in seasons & phases. Seasons revolve around shorter term goals & achievements, divided by actual seasons; spring, summer, autumn & winter.

Phases are shifts of longer term goals. Phase I is the Seed phase, revolving around establishing an onboarding machine for the Ethereum space & a decentralized factory. Going on into Phase II, where its less about crypto itself & more about building a web of opportunity. "Ending" in Phase III, where its even less about crypto & more about establishing a web of life - a decentralized society focused on supporting life on Earth in general.

See Phases of MetaGame

A Decentralized Factory

A decentralized factory is a decentralized system for producing value. A network of people & guilds that operate autonomously but coordinate in production & offering of products & services.

Establishing a decentralized factory was the first goal of MetaGame.

See A Decentralized Factory

A Web of Opportunity

A web of opportunity is a place where any person with a vision & grit can easily join, start learning, earning & creating - without even living their room, let alone their city country.

Its a meme playing off of the "land of opportunity" which USA used to be portrayed as before decaying.

Establishing a web of opportunity is the second goal of MetaGame.

See A Web of Opportunity

The Great Flood

The great flood is a time of a great amount of Ether pouring down onto the Seed pool, making Seeds grow into Trees. If you are reading this in late 2021 or later, we've already commenced summoning it.

It is what will allow MetaGame to transition from Phase I to Phase II - from a decentralized factory to a web of opportunity.

See Phases of MetaGame


MetaSys is a system for building decentralized organizations we've pioneered over the past two years. For building action-driven DAOs rather than DAOs driven by whales voting on grant proposals.

Its comprised of 3 components; SourceCred for accounting for contributions, a token minting mechanism & an automated-market maker.

See MetaSys


MyMeta are decentralized profile pages for players, patrons & guilds of MetaGame - but not only them. MyMeta profiles will soon be productized into general profiles that can be used by any other DAO or individual for their own members directory or a decentralized linked-in-like page where they can showcase who they are & what they do.

See WTF is MyMeta


MetaOS is a virtual operating system for running massive online coordination games / decentralized societies, currently in development by MetaFam.


MetaVille is where all services & guilds comprising MetaGame will be displayed & interacted with in a game-like manner. Expect an isometric environment in which you will be able to hang out without losing functionality as a platform.

Some work has started in terms of producing art but MetaVille will largely be a Phase II raid.

See MetaVille


MetaRadio is MetaGame's podcasting & music network. Currently we only have a few podcasts & a few songs but don't you worry! ๐Ÿ™ƒ


MetaMedia is MetaGame's media network, revolving mostly around visual media such as videos.

Starting from the MetaMedia channel on youtube, where we host talks from conferences as well as MetaGame news.

See MetaMedia


Set at the very beginning of the covid outbreak - as a reaction to it & featuring over 60 speakers; InterCon was the first virtual conference in the Ethereum space.

See InterCon

Fork The World

Fork The World was the first hackathon focused on decentralized organization & decentralized coordination tools, happened in the mid-summer of 2020.

See Fork The World


MetaFest was MetaGame's first festival. "A bit of a conference, a bit of a hackathon & a shitload of fun"; it was a month-and-a-half long event, featuring a week of socialising through concerts & playing games, a week of talks about crypto & world-improving in general, a week of workshops & 3 weeks of hacking.

MetaFam Alignment

A month-long hack-along happening in the physical space - a farm in the south of Italy. It will be all about summoning the great flood & preparing for the closing of Phase I & the launch of Phase II.

Ask about it in Discord ๐Ÿ™ƒ