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๐Ÿ“– MetaManifesto


Problem: Industrialized economies brought us a lot of efficiencies but sacrificed everything else for it.

Taking money as the ultimate abstraction of value, we started using it as a metric of success & progress. At the corporate level; in making the next quarter ever more profitable, and on the nation-state level - where it's all about growing the GDP.

Thus, the current games society is playing lead to over-exploitation. In a mindless game of chasing profits, we forgot what the economic system was supposed to deliver us. Prosperity. Instead of prosperity, the game is optimized for maximum value extraction at the expense of all living beings and natural resources.

We need to start a new game before itโ€™s too late.

A Decentralized Society

Explained in more detail through posts like WTF is MetaGame, A Decentralized Factory, A Web of Opportunity & The Way of Web3 Founders - our goal is to build an environment where value-aligned individuals & groups may come together, do awesome things & make a living.

The first version of MetaGame is being built mainly for the pioneers of the future we want to build. From educational resources & teammates to mentors, investors & users; we hope to bring together anything youโ€™ll need to build decentralized applications & organizations.

Over the long run, the goal is to build an ecosystem of people & projects focused on fixing the world. A society tracking metrics such as morale, people fed & ecosystem health; focused on efficiently allocating resources to the things that matter, not just the things that make a buck.


The Earth is our spaceship, keeping us alive. We, as humanity, need to start acting like itโ€™s the crew and not competitors in a game of whoโ€™s-best-at-exploiting-it.

In a different lingo, Gaia is a fragile oasis & our only home. It is to be dutifully gardened & taken care of.

Bitcoin halving is cool, but wildlife halving isnโ€™t.

You get the point.

The nation-states are irrelevant - we are Citizens of The Earth. Rather than resorting to nationalist ideologies & caving in, it's time we recognize we are all one family. A human family.

Be Autonomous

As you might have noticed already, we are very much about taking things into our own hands rather than waiting for commands of the utterly incompetent nation-states and the global organizations such as the UN, to solve our problems.

People in the old world are taught to sit quietly and wait to be told what to do. This is not how we do things.

Do not wait for someone to tell you what to do. Find a problem you care about & solve it. We exist to support you - not command you.

People in the old world like to complain. We like building solutions.

Why now?

In terms of empowering people to coordinate around creating value together and at scale, without having to trust each other; the technologies are barely here now.

The printing press, the radio & the internet were the information revolutions; democratizing access, production & distribution of information. Web3 is about democratizing organizations & state-making.

The next era of the internet is the web in which weโ€™re not mere consumers harvested for attention. Weโ€™ll be stakeholders & producers of these systems.

But this is only about the internet insofar as thatโ€™s what weโ€™ll be using to coordinate societies.

We are running out of time to steer humanity away from catastrophes caused by our failure to create better coordination mechanisms than just the markets. Part of the reason we canโ€™t have nice things.

Simply, it is time.

Join The Fight

We are building the future we want to live in. For that, we are looking for people with a burning desire to change the course of history.