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πŸŒ’ Phases of MetaGame

Phase I: Seed

Elon Musk: We spotted what appears to be an octopus at the edge of the Solar System. It looks like a baby but it's half the size of the moon and it appears to be heading our way. Just 2020 things πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Weeks later...

NASA: This morning we’ve received a distress signal. After mocking our information technologies, she seemed to have started sobbing; claiming to be lost and dying of thirst.

The main goal of Phase I is to build a hub for anyone interested in decentralized organizations & applications. A library of guides & portals to anything one might need to build them & a community of people to support them.

The memes of this phase are An Onboarding Machine & A Decentralized Factory; a simple way of onboarding people to Web3 & helping them understand crypto beyond "numba go up", as well as a collective of decentralized teams, churning out the building blocks we’re going to use to build a decentralized world.


  • Build a community of people strongly aligned with the MetaManifesto.
  • Set up the basic socio-economic infrastructure.
  • Assemble the initial resource base.


MetaOS v1
Including The Onboarding Game, MetaSys, MyMeta Profiles, Chievmints, the dashboard & much more; MetaOS v1 is the first full iteration of MetaGame-as-a-platform, which will allow us & others to run their own coordination games.
Educational content
Flowing on from The Onboarding Game mentioned above into The Great Houses, Playbooks, MetaRadio & events we're organizing; all is contributing towards the establishment of the knowledge base that helps people understand & join the space.
A community & a network of projects
All of the above helps us build a community of like-minded people & projects that all together make up the Decentralized Factory & the Onboarding Machine.

Phase II: Growth

Gently, she descended into the Atlantic Ocean. We were worried about the oceanic life, but she assured us she only feeds on h2o & co2 - she doesn’t stop blowing our minds. First, her decentralized technologies, and now this? She might turn out more useful than we thought...

Proven ourselves worthy; Seeds grow into Trees & we summon The Great Flood. A wave of capital flows into MetaGame and it allows us to pay even more people to do awesome things - like grappling with real-world issues.

So we zoom out of crypto and start onboarding people from other high-tech, but also ecological & philanthropical communities; MetaGame starts looking more like a federation of guilds & alliances than one single community. We also start onboarding physical location guilds.

The meme is A Web of Opportunity; there is no lack of funding nor a lack of problems to solve. Anyone can just jump in, level up, start solving problems & earning an income.


  • Summon The Great Flood.
  • Spread tentacles into all high-leverage technologies.
  • Start solving problems outside of crypto.


MetaOS v2

By now, MetaOS will be fully rearchitected & accommodate many more building blocks & protocols integrated by other projects. It also fully transitions to being developed only by MetaFam to being worked on by a wide range of guilds - many of which deployed it on their own.


What do I look like, some alpha leaker?

No, I'm not giving you MetaGame's alpha!

Maybe ask me again when you reach the Diamond League. ;)


Not going to write much about this either. As the phase info suggests, it's when we start taking real-world issues even more seriously by contributing to ecological & philanthropic initiatives etc.

There is shittons more educational content but a lot more of MetaGame is happening in real life. More MetaFest IRL, more meetups & a network of hacker-houses, ecovillages & other kinds of spaces that players may live & work at.

There should also be hundreds of other, smaller initiatives, experiments & projects.

Phase III: Equilibrium

It’s been years since we spotted her drifting towards us. Her technologies helped us overcome coordination failures & her presence here turned out greatly beneficial for our ecosystems. She’s all huge & covered in greenery now; looking more like a breathing landmass than an octopus.

MetaGame now really is a massive online coordination game. By now, we have onboarded players & guilds offering anything one might need to live a rich & meaningful life in MetaGame. There’s also anything from co-working & co-living spaces to ecovillages, being offered & even built through MetaGame.

Crypto pretty much moves into the background; its an integral part of how we do things but no longer the main focus. Technologies for running DAOs are well developed.

As the name suggests, MetaGame is no longer focused on rapid growth but sustainable growth in the state of equilibrium. It can thrive & grow without any additional injections of speculative capital.

The meme of this phase is A Web of Life - to support all life.


  • Support a mass of people in doing something meaningful & making a living.
  • Onboard co-working/co-living spaces as well as off-the-grid farms & eco-villages.
  • Get deep into ecological & philanthropic initiatives.


MetaOS v3

MetaOS is now a fully functional operating system together with a manual for building and operating communities/societies/networks/massive online coordination games. A mosaic of building blocks & methods we're using to build MetaGame, generalized, explained & improved for others to use.

Read more in the MetaOS article.

MetaGame Phase III Alpha Leak
While there isn't a lack of ideas for the late stages of MetaGame, Phase III is likely 5+ years away so making any predictions more specific than "we'll be doing things that the people need" would be kind of...

If there's one thing to be expected of this phase, it's that by now crypto technology has moved into the background and we're focused on building & nurturing the web of life by sustaining more and more people in leveling up, doing good things & supporting good causes.