💫 House of DAOs

🤨👉Wait, WTF are DAOs???👈

Short for “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations”, DAOs are a new type of organization, enabled by the blockchain technology. Decentralized organizations are nothing new, what makes DAOs different from “just” decentralized organizations is that they are constituted on the blockchain and their governance is, at least in theory, controlled by smart contracts.

This allows people to start organizations with complete strangers from around the world and not worry whether one of them will run away with the money, where will the organization be formed and how will they govern the treasury. The ownership of a DAO is usually tokenized and distributed among members, with it’s issuance not centrally controlled by anyone.

There are multiple types of “decentralizations”. Some will say “A DAO” only implies architectural decentralization; the technology itself. While one may have “a DAO” whose governance is centralized in a single or a few big shareholders, we do not consider those true DAOs.

If you ask most of us, a DAO should be both architecturally AND politically decentralized to truly be considered a DAO. For a DAO to be considered politically decentralized, it’s voting power should be sufficiently decentralized among its members. How much is sufficient? Well who the hell knows, we’ll figure it out.

If you ask me, DAOs are here to enable us to build a world of cooperatively ran organizations and collectively owned platforms & infrastructure.

To recap:

  • There is no centralized control in the DAO. There is no “CEO” and no single individual may dictate direction.
  • There isn’t a hierarchy in any traditional sense, no “managerial” & “executive” layers.
  • Members allocate resources and make decisions about the direction and initiatives through voting on proposals or practicing other decentralized decision making methods, eg. Holacracy’s Integrative Decision Making Process
  • There is a complete transparency of every transaction.

🏗️DAO Frameworks

These are the frameworks for launching DAOs on the Ethereum network:

  • DAOHaus - Magic internet communities for all. Share resources & get shit done. Together.
  • Aragon - Aragon gives internet communities unprecedented power to organize around shared values and resources.
  • Colony - Organizations, for the Internet. Colony makes it easy for people all over the world to build organizations together, online.
  • DAOstack - An open source project advancing the technology and adoption of decentralized governance.

🛠️Other Infrastructure

  • Sourcecred - A tool for communities to measure and reward value creation.
  • AraCred - A middleware for bridging Sourcecred cred into Aragon DAO tokens.
  • Collab.land - A bot helping manage memberships in token curated communities.
  • Uniswap - Automated market-making, for making your token tradeable.
  • Etherize - Summon a legal wrapper for your DAO.
  • Otonomos - Otonomos helps the crypto community form offchain and onchain legal entities.

🥰Friendly DAOs

This is by no means an extensive list of DAOs. These are the DAOs that we share at least one member with, DAOs that we trust.

💪Builder DAOs

  • 🐝 1Hive - Exploring how to create and organize a global community and using magic internet money as a catalyst.
  • Deep Work - Deep Work is a distributed product design studio that helps highly technical teams move to product market fit, faster.
  • ⚔️ Raid Guild - A Decentralized Collective of Mercenaries Ready to Slay Your Web3 Product Demons - also slaying their own demons.
  • 🌳 dOrg - We know how important it is to attract users, developer talent, and investors. We can design, code and ship your blockchain product in no time.
  • 👭 MetaGammaDelta - An inclusive and empowering society supporting women-led projects.
  • 🤖 MetaFactory - A DAO ran platform for the creation of community-owned brands and custom digi-physical merchandise.
  • 💫 Token Engineering - Here to answer the following question: “What does it take to do token engineering, and how can we forward this nascent discipline together?”
  • ⚖️ LexDAO - The decentralized legal engineering guild.
  • 🐙 MetaFam - A decentralized collective building the infrastructure for MetaGame and helping people level up their game.
  • YourDAO - This could be you. Do you already have a DAO? Want to start one?

💰Funding DAOs

Some of the DAOs with the purpose of funding projects in the Ethereum space that could possibly fund your DAO.

  • MetaCartel - An ecosystem of builders giving grants to decentralized applications, scaling solutions & DAOs on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Moloch DAO - Awards grants to advance the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • MetaCartel Ventures - A for-profit, venture capital DAO.
  • The LAO - A global group of Ethereum enthusiasts and experts supporting the work of Ethereum builders.

💸DAO Funding

A few more ways of getting some funds.

  • Gitcoin - Another route you could take is playing Gitcoin’s quadratic matching game. Read more about it here.
  • Panvala - Panvala is the sustainable treasury for communities to share.

📜Moar on DAOs


Afaik the only DAO events there are in this space.

  • DAO Rush Week - Happening once a quarter, DAO Rush Week is a must-attend event for anyone interested in DAO. All the DAOs from the Ethereum space and wider are summoned to present their missions, host parties & initiate new members.
  • DAO Haus Party - DAOHaus Live Streams; go through the DAOHaus Discord if you want to participate.
  • Fork The World - Our hackathon for people building DAOs, technologies & knowledge around decentralized organizing. Happening once a year.


These are the only forums I know in the Ethereum DAO space that aren't dead. Feel free to add more from this space or from the wider "decentralized organizing" space.

  • DAOtalk - A forum for everything-DAOs.
  • MetaSquare - MetaGame’s forum, all topics related to decentralized governance welcome.
  • ??? - Are there more? Then add them.

🏃Get started DAOing

Some useful pieces of writing for getting started building teams & communities. For actually deploying a DAO on Ethereum, there are framework-specific guides available in framework-specific rabbit holes.


These are some of the books that might come in handy when interested in building decentralized organizations.

Now What?

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  • If you have any questions or need any help, you are welcome on our Discord :)
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