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πŸ€” How To Play MetaGame

πŸ“œ 2 Rules of MetaGame

Rule no.1 - One Shall Be Cool

To be a part of MetaGame, you have to be cool. To be cool, you have to contribute. Ain't no freeloading in MetaGame. Luckily, there are countless ways of contributing. From something as simple as sharing one of the posts or buying $50 worth of Seeds, to helping us write the next post, build the next feature, organize a workshop or start a new raid.

To get inspired on how you could contribute: read through the roles or check out the ongoing raids & open quests. Find the role that fits you best, a raid you are most drawn to, or just do whatever you think is valuable & report in #πŸ˜‡-did-a-thing.

Rule no. 2 - One Shall Not Be An Asshole

There are many ways of being an asshole. From obvious ones such as being a racist piece of shit, to more insidious ones, like bringing everybody down through constant complaining, disruption of decision-making processes, or trying to game the system by making shit posts/commits thinking you’ll gain XP.

We don't want to burden you with standard "code of conduct" bullshit.

  • We trust that you are a sensible human being who knows what kind of behaviors make people assholes and that you will steer clear of those ways.

Don't be an asshole! says so right here - "Says So" Moses | Meme Generator

βš”οΈ 3 Ways to Earn Your Stay

You want to be one of the people who join by saying they absolutely love the idea, but then don’t really do anything to help make it real?

Sorry, we don't tolerate freeloaders.

1) Be active

Simply, be active. There are always some simple tasks to contribute with. As mentioned already, there are quests & raids to check. They include anything from sharing MetaGame with your friends or organizing a knowledge exchange session to building a new integration for the MetaOS.

2) Become a patron

Love the idea of MetaGame but don't have time to be active? Best start watering the Seed plantation. Learn more about it on the Seeds page & start your patronship today! πŸ™ƒ

3) Become a guilder

You can also retain access to MetaGame by being a member or representative for one of the guilds that are a part of MetaGame. Aren't a member of any? Why not start your bridgebuilding path?