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🎩 How Does MetaGame Work?

A Decentralized Organism

The Octo is a decentralized organism. You may hear some of the members refer to MetaGame as a DAO.

At the heart of MetaGame is a meme. The MetaMeme, the MetaGoal, the MetaDream, or however the fuck you wanna call it.

  • The idea we possess the right tools to build better functioning societies.
  • The idea we can revolutionize the world from the comfort of our living rooms.
  • The idea we may, in fact, have fun pursuing this path.
    • And I mean, who doesn’t want progression through life and work itself to be more fun? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Around this meme, there formed a community of like-minded people. These people are what makes the heart of MetaGame tick.

Minimum Viable Stack

  • We got the meme & the people converging around it.
  • We got the basic version of the MetaOS running on
  • Got chats, forums & voices to coordinate around building it out.
  • Then we use things like Github for the actual building & collaboration on the technical side.
  • Under the surface, SourceCred & Coordinape are powering our accounting & rewarding systems.
  • Finally, Balancer; mediating between the active & passive supporters.
  • And there you have it, that’s how MetaGame works!

People working on MetaGame get automagically rewarded with Seed tokens based on the amount of XP they generate (you can read more about it on the Seeds page or the Onboarding Game), then get additional rewards through Coordinape &/or proposals if needed.

On the other side, you have patrons who water those Seeds & sustain MetaGame economically until there are enough paid features & inflows to make MetaGame self-sustainable.

Leveling up, they climb the leaderboard & get the chance to become deputies or champions - people in charge of different parts of MetaGame - and unlock further rewards (besides responsibilities).

People, driven by a meme, empowered by the tools, and motivated by the inter-relational & winning feedback loops. Simple as that.