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๐Ÿคจ What are we doing?

Currently, there are two main goals of MetaGame:

  • Build a gamified onboarding machine for DAO contributors
  • Establish a "decentralized factory" to support people building DAOs

With the end goal of:

  • Creating a new kind of society, one that is optimized for human & ecosystem well-being rather than profit.

Things we're doing or did to get there:

Producing content

We are producing educational & other content such as Playbooks, Great Houses & MetaRadio as well as publishing recordings of the events we are organizing, such as community calls with guest speakers & conferences or MetaFest.

Organizing events

Regularly bringing awesome people to present at our community calls or do workshops. Also organized a conference, a hackathon & a festival.

Assembling the puzzle

Building things like MetaSys & MyMeta as well as the MetaOS - to make it easy to integrate other people's building blocks & deploy your own coordination games.

Uniting aligned peoples

Bringing together anyone aligned on the idea of building a new kind of society; individuals joining MetaFam as well as projects joining the MetaAlliance.

Helping people find their metagame

To find your metagame means to play life optimally - coordinating with others on building a better world; doing things that create a positive impact, make you happy AND earn you money.

In short, anything & everything related to DAOs & helping people build the future they want to live in.