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📱 MetaOS

In essence, MetaOS is about bringing together all of the piece of MetaGame into a single coherent interface - something that seems to be a problem across the DAO ecosystem 👀


If you’re not new to MetaGame, you might already know MetaGame is kind of all over the place. Even if you’ve been here for a while, chances are there are parts of MetaGame you didn’t even know existed 😱

You might have seen my attempt at mapping all of the piece of MetaGame:

Note: semi-transparent are the pieces that haven’t been built yet

Inside MetaGame:

  • MyMeta, Quests, XP, XP in-depth, DAO, Seed; claiming, trading, planting
  • Wiki, newsletter, MetaRadio, youtube
  • Discord, forums, Notion, calendar, Navigation Board, Figma, Drive...

Currently, all of these pieces are all over the internet.

This is a problem we’re facing at the DAO level & it seems like a problem a lot of other DAOs are facing as well; there isn’t a single tool or a service for all purposes (nor should there be if we want the ecosystem to remain decentralized) & most of the things we’re currently using are still Web2 😬

Worse, it also seems a problem at the ecosystem level. We got all of these different building blocks for decentralized societies being built by many different teams in their own little silos, running on their own single-purpose interfaces.

  • Protocol X
  • Building block Z
  • dApp Y

We’ve got things like Zapper on the DeFi side of things, but the social side of crypto is still very much missing proper meta interfaces for interacting with multiple dapps & protocols without having to navigate across different websites.

If you’ve been following MetaGame from the beginning, you’ll remember this was pretty much the original idea:

  • Put together all of the pieces of the puzzle for a decentralized society.

...It's just that we soon realized most of the pieces don’t actually exist yet, so we started building them 😅

We’ve been so focused inwards, drifting away from the idea of “putting together the pieces” into “building everything ourselves” & slowly became a silo ourselves.

Meanwhile, other building blocks have started popping up all over the place 🤷‍♂️

WTF is MetaOS?

MetaOS is to be a lightweight framework for running decentralized societies; to make it as easy as possible to put together different protocols, dapps, services, resources & whatever else people of specific communities need.

What I mean by lightweight is that it should really be just a modular dashboard & a mega menu with the focus of making it as easy as possible to integrate other pieces, building blocks & protocols.


Note: at this point, there is only a very early version of the MetaMenu & not even the designs are finished yet.

You get the idea!

Members should be able to customize their dashboards to display the data or news they want them to display. Assembled & curated to their own liking & preference. Beyond that, they can vote for new apps to be added or removed from the menu above &/or just customize it for themselves.


Starts simple:

  • A mega menu & a dashboard
  • Running things we’ve built ourselves
  • Integrating web2 services with iframes

Evolving into Web3:

  • Slowly start replacing all the pieces with interoperable web3 alternatives
  • Make it easy to integrate other decentralized protocols & dApps

It starts as a duct tape but evolves into a sort of a… Web3 community curated browser/coordination system? 🤔

  • An operating system for decentralized societies, in your browser.

Parenting Hacks to Simplify Your Life | Duct tape, Duct, Tape

But, before we can make it useful for other communities, we need to make it useful for ourselves & prove it first 🤷‍♂️

Interested in helping? Got TypeScript skills or design chops? Let us know. Know anyone who does or want to help find them? Don’t worry, we pay good for that too!

Seriously though!

If you want to help with any of this, you can check the full roadmap here or join MetaGame through here & ask about it anywhere on discord! 🙃