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🎩 How Does MetaGame Work?

A Decentralized Organism

The Octo is a decentralized organism. You may hear some of the members refer to MetaGame as a DAO.

To understand how it works, first, you need to understand where MetaGame is played. I won’t go too meta on you and say “it’s played anywhere & everywhere” - although that would technically be true - the main places we are currently playing MetaGame are Discord, Discourse, Github.

  • Ideas on what to build next mostly pop-up inside the chat first. They are bounced around until there’s enough interest.
  • Then it’s time to collect feedback & write up a thread about it on the forums before it gets lost in the noise.
  • Whoever likes the idea then makes it a topic of discussion on the next call.
  • There, we figure out whether it is worth it & feasible to pursue it or not.
  • If yes, we figure out the next steps and get on with it.

Throughout this whole process, most contributions are automagically tracked & contributors are rewarded with XP. Most, because some contributions are happening outside the system & some are just not accounted for properly - so we gather around the virtual campfire and fix that.

Next: We bridge the XP system into Aragon to mint Seed tokens based on XP created. This is the part where efforts to game the system fail 🙃.

Seeds are what allow MetaGamers to cash-in their contributions by either selling them or planting them & waiting.

The Meme

At the heart of MetaGame is a meme. The MetaMeme, the MetaGoal, the MetaDream, or however the fuck you wanna call it.

  • The idea we possess the right tools to build better functioning societies.
  • The idea we can revolutionize the world from the comfort of our living rooms.
  • The idea we may, in fact, have fun pursuing this path. And who doesn’t want progression through life and work itself to be more fun? 🤷‍♂️

Around this meme, there formed a community of like-minded people. These people are what makes the heart of MetaGame tick.

Minimum Viable Stack

  • We got the meme & the people converging around it.
  • Got chats, forums & voices to coordinate around building it out.
  • Then we use things like Github & Substack for the actual building.
  • Under the surface, SourceCred & Aragon are powering our accounting & rewarding systems.
  • Finally, Balancer; mediating between the active & passive supporters.
  • And there you have it, that’s how MetaGame works!

People, driven by a meme, empowered by the tools, and motivated by the inter-relational & winning feedback loops. Simple as that.

Feeling driven & motivated?

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