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👑 Become a Founder of MetaGame

MetaGame is an idea we can build a new world on top of the old one. It is currently being built by a bunch of Ethereum & Open Source fanatics who believe this “blockchain thing” gave us an opportunity to challenge the status quo and reimagine the way we run societies.

We wish to build a society that:

  • Is more open, transparent, and decentralized.
  • Has the lines between the institutions and the people blurred.
  • Rewards people & businesses that take care of the community and the environment.

And while we’re likely to fail at changing the world, we are likely to at least build some cool stuff, have and establish a sort of a decentralized factory.

Here’s why One might want to become a Founder:

  • Because it’s aligned with their own vision of a better future.
  • Because it seems like a great opportunity to work on something meaningful.
  • Because it’s hard to sit idly by and miss a chance to make a difference.

We will not be forgotten

Being the first to build or fund the future, does come with perks:

  • You get to earn XP & Seeds - your skin in the game.
  • You get eternal bragging rights for being one of MetaGame founders.
  • A bunch of other lesser things like an achievement, an ever-renewing shirt, a spot at the Alignment 2021, and whatnot.

Your profile & achievements will serve as a sort of a portfolio/CV inside, and outside the MetaGame.

However, not all founders are made equal - because they don't contribute equally. The achievements come in ranks, determined by the amount of Seeds you earned:

  • 7 Diamond Founders
  • 7 Platinum Founders
  • 7 Golden Founders
  • 14 Silver Founders
  • 21 Bronze Founders

The above numbers were set somewhat arbitrarily, here’s why:

  • There were 7 figures identified as key for the founding of the USA.
  • The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 delegates.


So yeah, if you ever felt like front-running a(n)(r)evolution without leaving your bedroom, this might be the perfect opportunity.