👽 How to Play MetaGame

So you've been tumbling down this rabbit hole & are wondering how to actually start playing MetaGame? 🤔

Well alright! Let's get you geared up! 🤠

First thing to know here is that MetaGame is a choose-your-own-adventure game. The quests below are the easiest way for you to join, contribute & earn some XP - but completing them is not mandatory. You are free to go and start playing any of the open roles listed in the next article, or start contributing directly to one of ongoing raids displayed on the battlefield.

🎩 Down the Rabbit Hole You Go 🐇

This quest is the easiest way of joining MetaGame. It gives you basic understanding of MetaGame, it gives MetaGame the basic understanding of you, it connects you to the Realizing MetaGame update stream & officially makes you a player of MetaGame.

❓ To accomplish:

✅ To complete:

  • Write !complete quest1 with a link to your intro in the #quest-completions channel on Discord.
  • Rewards: MG Player rank on Discord, access to 12 additional channels & ?XP.

🙂 A Hero Emerges 😈

This quest is your first real contribution to MetaGame. It tells us you're not here just to say "oh MetaGame is so cool", but are actually willing to contribute to making it real(er).

❓ To accomplish:

  • If you're registered on Twitter, retweet the pinned tweet with a comment or tweet any other article from the wiki.
  • Alternatively, post one of articles to whatever other community you are a member of (a subreddit, a forum, a facebook group, telegram chat or wherever your people reside).

✅ To complete:

  • Write !complete quest2 with a screenshot to where you posted it, in the #quest-completions channel on Discord.
  • Rewards: ?XP & a bit of respect.

🏹 Locked & Loaded ⚔️

By the end of this quest, you should have all the understanding of MetaGame you need to start deepening the rabbit hole with us.

❓ To accomplish:

✅ To complete:

  • Write !complete quest3 in the #quest-completions channel on Discord.
  • Rewards: ?XP & a few new friends :)

MetaGame Scholar

This is a bonus quest. As mentioned at the beginning of this wiki, all of this is just a work in progress. If you consider yourself more of a scholar than a doer, help us see the blind spots and expand on the MetaGame lines of thinking.

❓ To accomplish:

  • Read all of wiki.
  • Report inconsistent or out of date content, or suggest new content on the forums or in the tavern.
  • Or just start further clarifying & extending the content yourself.

✅ To complete:

  • This is where the magic starts. Regardless of whether you posted your improvement or suggestion on the forums or on github - if other players find your contribution valuable, you will automatically be rewarded XP.

Now what?

Now you try wearing some hats and see which ones fit you best :) Don't hesitate on asking for help in #the-tavern. Good luck out there! ⚔️