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๐Ÿ“š How to HackMD

by @chair

๐Ÿค” Wait, WhoTF is @chair!?

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Have A NICE Day

How to Hackmd


HackMD is cool its a blog and a notepad.

If you follow a simple sytem you can easily have everything in one place and referencable.

Setup and Publishing

  1. Create a new note by hitting the plus sign up top

  2. On the blank new page first create the tags by using six hashtags and then the word tags, and then a colon, and then a space, then between ticks place the tags. Separate the tags with a space.

  3. Create an h1 tag for the title, this will also serve as the title displayed in the main menu. The h1 through h6 tags are represented by hashtags # in markdown syntax. This is a useful markdown cheatsheet.

  4. Click the share button at the top right to set the view settings and publish. These should be your settings while editing:

  5. These should be your settings when published/publishing as blog:

  6. You are now prepared to fully embrace the powers of hackmd.