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πŸ‘½ MyMeta Profiles

MetaGame is sort of like LinkedIn, except not boring and nothing like LinkedIn.

MyMeta is your profile in web3, metaverse, DAOverse, future of work or however else you want to call it.

Since what we’re doing here is building a whole new world, it made sense that one of the first things we build is a place for you to show people who you are; a place to display skills & traits, your past work & affiliations, your play style, NFTs, etc.

  • A place other people can use to get into contact or contract with you.

Of course, this is Web3, so MyMeta isn’t being built just for players of MetaGame. It is meant to be used by any individual or organization who wants a cool way to display who they or who their members are. Interoperable profiles for all.

Based on IDX & Ceramic, your decentralized identity is composed of your social & working profiles like Twitter, Discord & Github, tied together by an Ethereum address along with NFTs & DAO memberships. All open source, ofc.

Here’s what the player cards currently look like:

live version ...and what the actual profiles currently look like:

MyMeta customized for another project


  • What you see is pretty much what you get.
    • A basic profile with description & links to other fragments of your identity
    • Timezone & availability per week
    • Alignment/personality indicator based on Magic: The Gathering
    • Skills
    • DAOhaus DAO & guild memberships
    • NFTs
    • Custom backgrounds
    • Meetwithwallet

Check the live version of MyMeta profiles here.


  • MyMeta shall be customizable as fuck.
    • Custom backgrounds, custom fonts etc.
    • Infinite possibilities with "add new block"
    • Arrange it however you like
  • MyMeta shall work equally well for an NFT artist, a smart contract developer or... a DAO 😱
  • People shall be able to integrate smart contract interactions to use it as a dapp dashboard or a shop? Maybe.

Get started

You can go ahead & create your profile here.

Help us & get paid

Think the current version of MyMeta sucks? So do we!

  • Got some TypeScript chops? Help us improve it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  • Know someone who does? Headhunters are well paid too! πŸ™ƒ
  • Jump straight into github or ask around on discord.