🏚️ Build a New House

General Goal:

Providing a high level overview of key topics and technologies, Houses are meant to introduce people to the most relevant content available for them to learn about that specific subject.

General Format:

Please see existing House pages to get an idea of the flow of the overall format.

In general, they should start with a (collapsed) introduction: Wait, WTF is/are XXXX? This is a brief (max 4-5 paragraph) overview, followed by a bullet point 'Recap' of single sentence summaries of the key points.

The main content of the House page is an organised list of links to other resources. These can include (but are not limited to):

  • Basic background information & general context
  • News
  • Events
  • Communities to explore
  • Books
  • Articles & other resources
  • Tutorials
  • Links to "How-to" guides

(or whatever combination of these sections makes sense for your topic)

Lastly, please include a "Now What?" and "Subscribe" section (See other pages) to get feedback, updates, improvements + suggestions for other Houses and also a pointer to the MetaGame community Discord server.

Don't assume someone will have read any of the other wiki pages - they may just see this one!

Adding the page:

To be published, pages should be in markdown and added to the MetaFam/metagame-wiki repository in github.

If you aren't familiar with markdown, you there a handy tool, StackEdit which can translate your text formatting into markdown. Highly recommeneded!

Once you have a markdown file, it is a good idea to get it reviewed before checking it in, as it's less overhead to update at this stage. You can request on edit on the Discord in #🧠-meta-library channel.

When you have your final reviewed document, you're ready to add it into the git repository.

If you are familiar with github forking and pull requests, fork the above repo, add your content under the "docs/great-houses/" directory. Commit the change to your forked repo and then submit a pull request to the master.

If you aren't comfortable doing this, just ask in the above channel and someone can do it for you. There is a feature on the wiki that allows for direct editing, but that's not currently working at the moment and we're looking at alternative solutions. For now, the git fork described above is the way to go!

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