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🧬 XP & Seeds 🌱

  • XP is earned by doing things that the community finds valuable.
  • Seeds are tokens, minted proportionally to the shares of XP gained.

📊 How does XP work?

Whether it’s completing random quests, sharing things on Discord, writing useful stuff on Discourse, or laying down code on GitHub - your XP is automagically being accrued.

It’s calculated by a system called Sourcecred, which tracks whatever is happening on Discord, Discourse & Github, then spits out numbers based on PRs, references, emojis, props given, and a bunch of other, super-granularly-adjustable parameters.

Wait, you leave all the value allocation to an algorithm? 😱

Of course not! Although it does do a pretty damn good job, we regularly review the numbers to make amends for what’s missing or isn’t properly accounted for.

Want to dig deeper? Read all about how XP is calculated in the XP Playbook.

🌱 What about those Seeds?

Seeds are the Phase I token. It's sweat equity, its currency, it's whatever you want it to be. Once a month, players of MetaGame receive their Seed tokens.

Seeds may only be created through earning XP; meaning, all the Seeds that are available for sale have been created by past work - not the promise of future work.

One thing to note is that the system optimizes for long-term value creation & alignment. You might create something but end up feeling disappointed with your numbers - despair not! As more people find your work valuable over time, build on top of it or reference it - your value accrues.

📈 WTF is the Seed Market?

Seed Market is the place where Seeds switch hands between the players who created them, and the patrons, who wish to support MetaGame financially.

Because the Seed Market runs on Balancer, an automated market maker, it requires a supply of both Seeds, Ether and RAI - so we encourage all Seed holders to plant & water their Seeds.

⚔️ What are Seeds for?

Right now, you just need to hodl a certain amount to stay a member of the community and qualify for the 300 of MetaGame. Other than that, some players are accepting Seeds as payments for services & the Token Engineering community is accepting Seeds for their token engineering course.


  • Membership dues-paying, not just holding.
  • Staking for guilds & new players.
  • Speculating on the direction & priorities of MetaGame via boosting.
  • Any MetaGame’s goods & services, such as: items, premium features, early access to builds, promotion, creation of quests, etc.
  • Goods & services offered by players & guilds.


  • More about the XP (cred) system? Check out Sourcecred.
  • More about DAO token minting? Check out Aragon.
  • More about making tokens liquid? Check out Balancer.