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🌱 Obtaining Seeds

Still, wondering what Seeds are? Check the page above. There are essentially two ways of obtaining Seeds...

Buying Seeds

πŸ’Έ Step 1: Acquire some Ether

Ether is the fuel of the Ethereum network which we use to run some of the core infrastructure for MetaGame. You can read a full post on what Ethereum is & what it does on this other page and the Ethereum website. Here, the point is only to explain how to get Seeds.

You can do that in many ways. If you’re in Europe, the easiest decentralized way will be the Ramp Network. Globally; Binance, Gemini, or Kraken are recognized as some of the most established centralized exchanges and will surely do the trick. If you want a more decentralized way of buying Ether, you can do that through Local Cryptos.

Note: If you're buying from decentralized exchanges, you'll need to have set up your Ethereum wallet before doing so. Otherwise, you'll do it in Step 2.

πŸ™ƒ Step 2: *Actually* acquire Ether

As they say in crypto: not your keys, not your coins. If you bought your Ether on one of the centralized exchanges, they are holding custody over it. You'll need to withdraw it to your wallet.

The House of Ethereum page will go deeper into wallet selection. But although there's a bunch of choices, most of us still default to Metamask, which is pretty good.

Follow the steps on their website then find the button to withdraw the Ether you bought from the exchange into your wallet.

βœ”οΈ Step 3: Use Ether to obtain Seeds

Now that you have your Ether in your wallet, it's finally time to buy some Seeds!

Seeds are traded on a decentralized exchange called Balancer. Just open the link, log in with your wallet & buy the Seeds. It shouldn't be hard, but if you have questions or problems, please do reach out to us in the #ask-anything channel on Discord.

Earning Seeds

πŸ€— Step 1: Get admitted to MetaGame

You can read more about how MetaGame works here and you can apply to join through here.

πŸƒ Step 2: Get Active

Start participating by completing quests or joining one of the active raids. You can check the quests in the #❓-quests channel, & you can see ongoing raids by checking the ACTIVE RAIDS category, also on Discord.

Once you've joined, you will receive a full guide on how to actually get active. For now, know that you will need to be taking some of the workload and join one of the Community Gatherings to meet the people :)

βœ”οΈ Step 3: Set ETH address

If you still don't have an ETH address, the House of Ethereum page will go deeper into wallet selection. But although there's a bunch of choices, most of us still default to Metamask, which is pretty good.

Then, look for the #set-eth-address channel on Discord. Set your address and give it some time πŸ™ƒ. You can check your XP/Seed stats here.

πŸͺ™ Step 4: Add custom token to your wallet

The last thing to do is adding a custom token. This is how it's done in Metamask.

Once you're in your wallet:

  1. scroll to the bottom of the MetaMask screen and click "Add Token"
  2. click on the "Custom Token" tab
  3. in the contract field, paste: 0x30cF203b48edaA42c3B4918E955fED26Cd012A3F
  4. click "Save"

After this, all there is to do is to give it time. Due to high overheads, we only mint Seeds at the beginning of each month. 😬

While waiting for your Seeds to mint, please do keep track of how many you're set to get & for how much of your work. If you think you're not being treated fairly, please let us know!

Note: You need small amounts of ETH to do anything with Seeds beyond receiving them. You can’t buy it? Ask us in the tavern.