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👽 Join MetaGame

You didn't think we just let anyone in, did you? There are two ways to prove your worth & join MetaGame 🙃

Join as a Player

The first step to joining as a Player is to subscribe below. From there, you'll be invited to discord where you'll need to prove your worth in one way or another ⚔️

Join as a Patron

Eager to support the cause & impatient to join? You can skip the queue by joining as a Patron instead!

  • Water our seeds by depositing WETH here(Make sure you deposit enough WETH to generate 8 pSEEDs.)
  • Enter here & click "Let's Go!", this will redirect you to collabland to link your wallet to the discord. (Ensure the wallet you are connecting is the one holding your 8 pSEEDS.)

Want a more in-depth guide to doing this? Check the Patrons Path.

Join as a Guild

We are currently not accepting new guilds into MetaGame & the list of candidates to join next is long. Want your project to be considered a candidate for the next batch of Guilds of MetaGame? Join as a player or a patron now, shill your project & make some friends.