🧙 For Patrons

The main reason you should be supporting us is because you’re too busy to lend us a hand and MetaGame just sounds too good not to support in any way currently possible.

As for other reasons one might want to acquire Seeds for:

  • Good feels for supporting something that has the potential to shape the future.
  • If you’re a holder of crypto, you should probably care about us building a giant onboarding & adoption machine.
  • Membership fees, in-game items & all the other products & services on offer inside MetaGame, paid in Seeds.
  • Once boosting is live, you’ll be able to earn more Seeds by staking on the next moves for MetaGame, futarchy-like.
  • Because you hope MetaGame will make it out of the Seed phase alive, and you might be able to flip for the new token when the next phase begins.
  • Getting your foot in the door when it comes to future investments. Only MetaGame players get to invest in the earliest rounds of MetaGame projects, and the earliest MetaGame supporters get priority access.

You can pick up some Seeds here

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