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😢 A Cautionary Tale

Welcome to the Intro to 'The Neuro-Chemical Dependency of a Sourcecred Junkie'.

Here is a resource for helping to understand some Metagame/Sourcecred Psychology.

Metagame uses a powerful combination of motivators and rewards to drive forward the future we all want to see built. While this is a good thing generally, it can have it’s drawbacks if we let it. Here is a focus on the possible effects of playing Metagame the β€˜wrong’ way ie having Metagame play you! It is a cautionary tale.

By following the *link below the text on this page* you can find out about.

  • How Metagame uses your brain to increase motivation, participation and learning?

  • Just how addictive is Metagame?

  • Are certain people more at risk of becoming unhealthily obsessed by

  • How could Metagame involvement combine with β€˜real-life’ stresses in a negative way?

  • What happens when Sourcecred motivation gets out of hand?

  • How can you spot the signs that things are getting out of balance and then take steps to redress that?

  • The importance of mental health awareness in Metagame.

  • How ex-player Gyrus got in too deep and used Metagame to avoid real world pressures and relationships, to disastrous effect.

  • Learn how important Locus of Control is and where yours should ideally be.

  • Ideas for community awareness around issues with fair value distribution.

  • General thought provocation!

Click here to go to 'The Neuro-Chemical Dependency of a Sourcecred Junkie'.