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💰 Why Become a Patron


A person who really want to see MetaGame succeed but is too busy to contribute labor, so they contribute by buying & planting Seeds.

If you’re anything like us, you believe that the path to a better world is not through involvement in politics & bureaucracies of the old world but through building of a new system from scratch, using the latest technologies available.

  • A new socioeconomic operating system
  • Its why you’re in crypto, no?
  • It’s what we’re about.


  1. You like MetaGame but don’t have time to contribute
  2. You become a patron

It should be simple as that.

But its not.


  • Is the time of people supporting projects simply because they like them, gone?
  • Do people now support projects only for the possibility of financial gain?
  • Have crypto ROIs ruined our intrinsic motivation system?

Gawd I hope not 😅

But let’s proceed as if yes.

Why should anyone buy Seeds

Let me restate it again for additional emphasis. YOU SHOULD BUY SEEDS BECAUSE YOU WANT METAGAME TO SUCCEED.

So, maybe go read the manifesto?

  • Not really vibing with it?
  • Doesn’t make you want to become a Patron of MetaGame?
  • So just don’t, m’kay?

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Now that we got that out of the way once more - we are planning a bunch of usecases for Seeds which should make them, well, useful. There’s been a full post about it recently, you can find it on Notion - 🌱 Usefulness of Seeds.

Some of these uses are available right now, ask about them in #💸-spending-seeds

Why should Ether whales buy Seeds

Well, we’re building an onboarding machine for the people who want to build dApps & DAOs in the Ethereum ecosystem.

If that isn’t enough for the Whales of Etherea to support MetaGame, idk what is.

Why speculators should buy Seeds

This is crypto. Ever heard of Dogecoin? Unisocks, anyone? Dogecoin is a literal meme coin with a marketcap of 6.5 BILLION dollars, Unisocks are Uniswap branded socks that are currently worth $150k a pair. Now, these are pure memetics; think about how far memes paired with an actual productive usecase & a vision for a better future could go.

MetaGame is currently in seed phase with a marketcap of just over $1m. Do you really think the price of Seeds will stay ~$45 forever?

Then again, it might go to 0 🤷‍♂️

Why should people plant their Seeds

Well, because Seeds are for planting.

While there are no explicit farming rewards, everyone will need to plant their Seeds before MetaGame enters Phase II.

  • Phase II token - Trees - will be given to those who plant their Seeds, not those who hodl them, just waiting for price to increase to flip them.

Interested in joining?

Proceed down the rabbit hole.