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🧙 Roles in MetaGame

You've completed the intro quests and are ready to take the next step? Below are some of the hats you may try wearing and see which ones fit you best.

Passive Roles

These are the roles anyone can/should be playing at any time regardless of what their active roles are. You can think of them more like "wanted behaviors". Eg. part of the "Innkeeper" description is "making friends" - which is really something everyone should be doing :)

🍻 The Innkeeper

Innkeepers are the soul of MetaGame. Their job is to welcome new travelers, make them feel at home, and help them find their place. As a result, everybody loves them. What they're about:

  • Welcoming travelers & helping them find their place.
  • Asking people about themselves, how are they doing & what are they working on.
  • Trying to be helpful, plugging useful information here & there.
  • Meeting many cool people & making friends.

🐛 The Bughunter

Another crucial role in MetaGame is the Bughunter. While most of the people in MetaGame are busy working on new things, inconsistencies & bugs creep in and things get out of date - without notice, that can be disastrous. They're mostly about reporting:

  • Broken features, links, or outdated info.
  • Misalignments, inconsistencies, or contradictions in the content.
  • Whatever is incoherent or hard to understand
  • Their findings in the tavern.

🌉 The Bridgebuilder

The main difference between the Innkeepers & the Bridgebuilders is that the Innkeepers play their role mainly inside MetaGame, while Bridgebuilders often play outside the boundaries of MetaGame. They are:

  • Always on the lookout for value-aligned communities & networks.
  • Identifying people & groups of people with similar aims & goals as that of MetaGame
  • Mentioning them on the forums.
  • Talking about us in their channels.
  • Acting as a bridge; cross-promoting the communities.

🤯 The Headhunter

This role is usually played by people who know a lot of people. Bringing in new problem-solvers, Headhunters are sometimes critical to moving the MetaGame forward. They:

  • Identify or are told which roles are currently in high demand.
  • Seek out the people fit for those roles.
  • Are rewarded handsomely, after they write about it in the I-did-this channel.

🧙 The Cultist

The Cultists are essential members of the community. They invest their time in raising awareness of MetaGame and getting more people in. They:

  • Distribute the latest MetaGame content throughout the interwebz.
  • Promote MetaGame anywhere & everywhere.
  • Comment "MetaGame brought me here" even on random songs on YouTube.
  • Brag about his shilling in the I-did-this channel.

💰 The Fundster

The Fundsters are excited by the ideas proposed by MetaGame, but simply too busy to join & help us make it real by investing the effort. Instead, they support it by investing funds.

  • Their reasons for doing so vary; from giving back to the community & seeing the world-changing potential, to simply wanting to pump their ETH bags indirectly.
  • Generally, they like accumulating Seeds.
  • They also like talking about it to their friends.

Main Roles

Unlike other role-playing games, in MetaGame, anyone is free to play multiple roles at the same time.

👷 The Builder

The builders speak the languages of the computers, they are here to lay the technological foundation for establishing the MetaGame.

  • Check The Battlefield to see the ongoing raids.
  • Go to our Github, find what picks your interest.
  • Ask any question about the codebase or whatever in #builder-support.
  • Find the Issues you want to deal with or features you want to implement.

🎨 The Artist

This role exists for all kinds of artistic souls, from meme lords to UI/UX designers. They are here to embellish the social system & the technological foundation of MetaGame.

  • Check The Battlefield to see the ongoing raids.
  • Browse the Wiki and check for the lack of memes, or memes that could be upgraded.
  • Craft new memes (other than "traditional" memes; artwork, articles, music & videos are also memes).
  • If you're a UX/UI artist, talk to us on Discord.
  • Report what you did in I-did-this.

📣 The Shiller

Shillers are here to take what the Builders & Artists of MetaGame made, and take it a step further. A step towards adoption.

  • Take any existing MetaGame article or memes
  • Distribute to other communities, eg. Reddit, Steemit or wherever else might be suitable.
  • Distribute things from the #announcements channel.
  • Report in the I-did-this channel on Discord.

🗡️⚔️ The Rogue

This role is here for advanced players and those who like to run wild on their own. Feel free to disregard all guides and asking for questions; just step into the unknown.

  • Check the state of current raids on the Battlefield page.
  • Maybe close some issues on Github.
  • Or just do whatever you think needs to be done.

Any Questions?

Ask us anything on Discord or the forums.