🌍 MetaFam Alignment 2021

MetaFam Alignment 2021

Croatia, September 2021

None of us go to conferences to listen to people on stages saying mostly shit we already know.

The most enjoyable parts of the conference are usually the awesome two-or-more-way conversations, the people, and the smaller events such as dinners and after-parties.

So what if we stopped doing conferences and start doing alignment events. There would still be some talks, there would be some workshops & some hacking, it would just be way less formal, more participative a


The compound is made up of 3 villas, called Sun, Water and Earth:

  • Houses up to 33 people
  • Has 3 pools and a jacuzzi
  • A gym, a small golf and volleyball court
  • Optional professional cook

The compound is a part of a small village, with offers for accommodating probably 50-100 other people.


The Sun, Water and Earth houses are split into Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners. Over the course of a week, each house comes up with their own plan for making MetaGame better.

Random Ideas:

1 house prepares food every day