🧬 How does it work?

🌱 By playing MetaGame, you can earn XP and Seeds.

You're rewarded when you create content and/or when people reference or react to your content Experience points (XP) and Seeds can be earned by anyone engaging on Discord, writing on Discourse, laying down code on GitHub, completing a Quest, or participating in a Raid.

πŸ’Έ What do I do with XP and Seed?

Think of XP and Seed as currency in the MetaGame community. As MetaGame grows the uses and value of these can grow as well.

Right now the uses for Seeds are fairly limited, but you’ll be able to:

  • Pay for goods/services from other players
  • Pay for any MetaGame goods/services
  • Buy digi-physical items / wearables (a future book launch may be accepting Seed)
  • Tip and trade with other players
  • Participate in governance
  • Stake on Direction / Priorities (Futarchy-ish)
  • Climb the ranks of MetaGame
  • Create Guilds
  • Create Quests
  • Exchange for other ERC20 tokens
  • Collateralize your Identity (personal tokens β€œWeb of Trust”)