🎩 How Does MetaGame Work?


To understand how it works, first you need to understand where MetaGame is played. I won’t go too meta on you and say β€œit’s played anywhere & everywhere” - although that would technically be true - the main places we are currently playing MetaGame are Discord, Discourse, Jitsi & Github.

  • Ideas on what to build next mostly pop-up inside the chat first. They are bounced around until there’s enough interest.
  • Then it’s time to collect feedback & write up a thread about it on the forums before it gets lost in the noise.
  • Whoever likes the idea then makes it a topic of discussion on one of the calls.
  • There, we figure out whether is it worth it & feasible to pursue it (now?) or nah.
  • If yes, we figure out the next steps and get on with it.

Throughout this whole process, most contributions are automagically tracked & contributors rewarded with XP. Most, because some contributions are happening outside the system & some are just not accounted for properly - so we gather around the virtual campfire and fix that.

One of MetaGame’s organs, called AraCred, then contacts the DAO and tells it it’s time to reward the players by minting some Seed tokens, based on their portion of XP created. This is the part where efforts to game the system fail πŸ™ƒ.

Seeds are what allow MetaGamers to cash-in their contributions by either selling them or planting them & waiting.

The Meme

At the heart of MetaGame, however, is the meme. The MetaMeme, the MetaGoal, the MetaDream or however the fuck you wanna call it.

  • The idea we possess the right tools to build better functioning societies.
  • The idea we can revolutionize the world from the comfort of our living rooms.
  • The idea we may, in fact, have fun pursuing this path. And who doesn’t want progression through life and work itself to be more fun. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Around this meme, there formed a community of like-minded people. These people are what makes the heart of MetaGame tick. They are pumped; to meme MetaGame into reality by building on and around it.

Minimum Viable Stack

  • We got the meme & the people converging around it.
  • Got chats, forums & voices to coordinate around building it out.
  • Then we use things like Github & Substack for actual building.
  • Under the surface, there are SourceCred, AraCred & Aragon, powering our accounting & rewarding systems.
  • Finally, Uniswap; mediating between the effort & money supporters.
  • And there you have it! That’s how MetaGame works!

People, driven by a meme, empowered by the tools, and motivated by the inter-relational & winning feedback loops. Simple as that.

This was by no means a full list of tools we’re using. If you want it (and let us know), we’ll tell you more about all the tools at the core of MetaGame & everything happening around it. From website & wiki software, to the podcast, interspace and whatever.

Feeling driven & motivated?

Well, why not start right now? You may go and read the How to Play post, or just go straight to contributing; simply by writing β€œhey, I want to help” on the #meta-square1.

Does this explain it well enough? Let us know what’s missing, please.